Team Entry Instructions

Team Entry Instructions

Welcome to Team Entry Instructions Page 


Note: The team entry form mentioned below is currently being updated for security and abuse purposes. to enter a team note which Swimslot/s you would like from

the list below and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07717690102

  • For web site security, to use an online form to enter a team you will need to register with the website and be logged in.
  • Before entering a team please check on the Team List page link for Free Lanes.
  • Once you are logged in a menu item Teams Entry Form will be displayed in the Teams List Menu.
  • The form will allow you to select any of the FREE swimslots

 In the meantime, here are the free swimming slots: -

242Sun 04Feb24 - 12:30 -2.Free
253Sun 04Feb24 - 13:30 -5.Free
254Sun 04Feb24 - 13:30 -6.Free
255Sun 04Feb24 - 13:30 -7.Free
256Sun 04Feb24 - 13:30 -8.Free
184Sat 03Feb24 - 18:30 -8Specsavers 2Provisional
289Teams EnteredTeamlist Last UpdatedUpdated
290.1/29/2024 21:39End

Data Protection:- Information gathered from this website will only be used by RotarySwimarathon and The Rotary Club of Grantham to process your team entry and communicate with you regarding RotarySwimarathon. Your data will not be handed to third parties.

Thank you for considering entering a team in the RotarySwimarathon Event.

Good Luck. RotarySwimarathon Event Team.


Team Entry

7-9th Feb 2025