The history of "RotarySwimarathon"

The first "RotarySwimarathon" took place in February 1990 with the aim of raising monies for local charities and deserving causes in and around Grantham. From that very first event to the present we have achieved our aims and the event goes from strength to strength every year.

£975,000 has been raised in the 34 year history - in 2023 the event raised £36,000 for local charities and deserving causes in and around Grantham.

It is the biggest fund raising event in and around Grantham. It's reputation for being a professionally organised event is well known and the Rotary Club of Grantham has been successful in assisting other Clubs to start their very own "RotarySwimarathon" 

We are proud of our event and in 2010 the Club received from Rotary International a Certificate of achievement for their work in the community with the "RotarySwimarathon". We were very honoured to receive this as only 103 were issued out of nearly 33,000 Clubs around the World.

In October 2011 Rotarian Roger Graves received a special award at the Annual Kellogg's ASA Swimtastic Awards for all his work over the years in chairing this event. He is also the founder of the "RotaryGlobalSwimarathon" an event held on Rotary Day 25th February 2012 to raise money to "End Polio" - in 2012 a Guinness World Record was set when 4,546 swimmers all swam 100m simultaneously around 64 localtions across the world - a record that still stands today. 

If you have never taken part then this is the opportunity to help local charities - we guarantee you will enjoy the event which has a great party atmosphere - see you there, at the Meres Leisure Center, Trent Road, Grantham, the first weekend, Friday through to Sunday of February each year. 



7-9th Feb 2025